Contemporary minimalistic kiln formed glass abstract cast glass fine art wall sculpture for custom built luxury residence in Denver Colorado. Textured architectural art glass to express water movement. Custom designed fabricated by architectural glass artist Victoria Balva


Our Glass Studio is a Toronto based architectural glass studio established by Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko in 2001. The studio works through commission and collaboration to create architectural glass projects of the highest artistic and technical quality. Studio's team has an extensive background in a wide variety of art glass projects including large-scale stained and leaded glass domes and decorative glass skylights, glass murals, windows and doors, wall and room dividers, mosaic murals for custom built private, public and commercial architecture.

Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko are artistic partners with a passion for creativity who worked together for many years creating site-specific art glass projects. They truly believe in the transformative power of the design and its ability to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people. 

During past years Studios’ team collaborated with architects, interior designers, development companies and private collectors and completed many architectural glass commissions in Canada, the USA, and Europe.



Stained leaded glass artist Victoria Balva in her architectural glass studio working on a kiln cast art glass

Victoria balva 

Glass Artist, Principal 

Victoria graduated from Kharkiv State Art College and studied Monumental and Public Art at the University of Industrial and Applied Arts in Ukraine. After she immigrated to Canada in 2000 she set up her architectural glass studio in Toronto. With high standards of quality and execution, Victoria is in control of the entire design process. From meeting the client,  understanding their needs, to developing design concepts. Victoria is in charge of the entire project implementation. As an artist, Victoria's goal is to create art glass that organically interacts with architecture and interior applying the latest technologies and modern approach.

Technical assistant Eugene Bakumenko operating a water jet machine in Victoria Balva Glass Studio. Cutting art glass with waterjet machine is unforgettable experience

Eugene Bakumenko 

Studio Manager, Installer

With the degree in Civil Engineering, Eugene joined the studio and brought his expertise and technical talent in studio’s projects. All machinery maintenance, on-site measurements, metal production, installations and delivery planning are his area of expertize. Eugene likes thinking outside the box, he pushes the company toward the latest technologies applications in all areas of metal and glass production

Master glass beveler Yurii Serhieiev is specializing in hand polished and cold worked glass for stained leaded glass domes

Yurii Serhieiev 

Master Beveler, Studio Assistant  

Master beveler Yurii Serhieiev has joined in 2016. Yurii is well known in glass community for his brilliant talent in cold worked glass and hand glass polishing and unique approach to glass beveling process.

Glass studio assistant Michael Ivanov helping to install stained and leaded glass decorative skylight

Michael Ivanov 

Studio Assistent, Quality Control  

Michael is a valuable team member that contributes to Studio's daily routine. With his skillful hands and attention to details, the projects are inspected and prepared for delivery and installation 

Glass installation team / Victoria Balva Glass Studio. The installation team is a seamless extension of Victoria Balva Glass Studio's capabilities to deliver and install large-scale leaded glass domes and ceilings with competency and professionalism.

Vitaly Muizniece

Ihor polishchuk

Eugene bakumenko

Edgars pintans

Edgars pintans

Installation Team

The installation team is a seamless extension of Victoria Balva Glass Studio's capabilities to deliver and install large-scale leaded glass domes and ceilings with competency and professionalism.   



Waterjet cutting

The studio owns and operates a water jet machine from Flow International with vacuum assist for glass and marble cutting. Cutting multiple complex shapes with a high level of precision through any material type, thickness or hardness is an advantage in decorative glass and metal fabrication.

We offer water jet cutting services to glass artists and glass professionals. Read more >>

Intricate glass detail cut with water jet machine. Water jet cutting services for glass professionals in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville

Kiln Formed Glass

Kiln formed glass, glass casting or fused glass is a complex process that involves using the kiln to heat and shape glass at a range of high temperatures.  


Custom beveling

Stunning brilliant custom hand bevelled glass and crystal jewels are great accent elements for leaded glass domes and skylights.  The exclusive specialty of our Studio is custom made CNC cut and hand polished beveled glass with a color stretching of delicate elusive colors to expose a soul of glass: transparency, brightness, color, texture.

Read more about the process  >>

Stained and leaded glass dome skylight detail with ornamental border made of hand beveled glass with a delicate color stretching of pale pink, lilac and pale yellow

Metal forming

TIG / MIG Welding

NC Metal Profile Bending

Hydraulic section and pipe bending machine with NC provides the highest standard of accuracy and repeatability within the tolerance +/- 1/16".  





Design development 

Throughout the initial discussion, style preferences, expectations, goals, and priorities are identified. With the artistic strong vision, the glass project concept is developed taking into account site-specific aspects of the property. 



From in-house complex steel frames fabrication to glass panels assembling and final glass finishing Victoria Balva Glass Studio takes care of all aspects of the project development and fabrication 



Glass packaging, delivery, and installation are important steps in any project completion. After full completion of glass projects at the studio, large frames are cut in pieces for delivery and reassembled using TIG welding at the construction site. Glass panels are installed at the end of construction project completion.


International orders 

Over the years Victoria Balva Studio's scope has expanded to include various projects throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the Caribbean. 


In press

Stained and leded glass dome was deatured by The wall Street Journal in the article about Stained and leaded glass dome

Victoria Balva Glass Studio's projects were featured by some of the most distinguished publications!


Let's start a new project together!

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