Custom hand beveled glass, water jet cut, hand polished glass coloured for contemporary stained glass skylight ceiling panel

Custom hand bevelled glass

We offer rare fine hand-bevelled glass and cold polished glass artistry to our clients. We make bevels by hand using high-quality water jet cutting technology and custom built polishing machines to bevel on glass pieces.

Owning to the latest advanced technologies in glass cutting we are capable to cut and bevel glass elements of any thickness, texture or geometrical complexity. This hi-tech approach opens artistic and technical possibilities that were never seen before allowing to create custom hand bevelled glass pieces of exceptional quality.



Custom acid etched hand bevelled glass for large stained glass dome skylight ceiling custom-built residence

CNC Glass Cutting

Abrasive waterjets cut material to over 10 inches thick, in high or low volume allowing to keep all pieces consistent with a high level of precision. A waterjet's thin cutting width allows for nearly any design to be cut to perfection. A waterjet improves material utilization and reduces costs

Coloured custom hand bevelled glass pieces for the custom designed stained glass dome ceiling with crystal jewels

Coloured Beveled Glass

We can produce custom bevelled glass from any glass thickness and type: ultra clear Starphire glass, coloured kiln formed glass with delicate colour shift or solid opal glass or marble. 

Custom hand bevelled Starphire glass ultra clear 8mm water jet cut hand polished bevel flower for decorative glass domed ceiling

Intricate Design

With the abrasive waterjet's unique ability to cut very intricate designs without breakage frees the imagination and expands material limits of glass

Stained glass dome design with accent crystal coloured jewels

Accent Jewels

Hand-bevelled glass pieces in combination with crystal jewels of various sizes and colours are stunning glass accents sparkling in the sun, throwing rainbows around a room

The process of bevelled glass creation in our studio

Stained and leaded glass domes with custom bevelled glass elements

Stained leaded glass dome with custom hand bevelled pieces and accent crystal jewels
custom hand bevelled glass pieces for a stained leaded glass domed ceiling skylight with clear textured glasses and crystal jewels
Custom made stained leaded glass skylight ceiling with hand bevelled blue and clear glass pieces


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