Stained and leaded glass dome made of clear textured glass, custom bevelled glass and crystal jewels for a meditation room of a private residence in Minneapolis


Stained and leaded glass domed skylight

Minneapolis, USA

Stained and leaded glass domed skylight with custom beveled glass was designed for a room with a spiritual purpose in mind - meditation and praying.  The stained glass dome is lit by roof glass skylight equal to the size of decorative stained and leaded glass dome. The sky behind the decorative glass skylight and sun are creating amazing light shows during a day and night

Large stained and leaded glass dome - hand-crafted decorative glass skylight
Gorgeous stained and leaded glass domed skylight ceiling for a private residence meditation room with clear textured glass, crystal drops and jewels, hand beveled custom glass. Large complex leaded glass domed ceiling. Stained glass window for the sky
Leaded glass dome intricate design for a glass skylight ceiling with ornamental glass elements. Architectural masterpiece. Architectural art glass for a custom built house
Stained glass dome ceiling with clear and colored crystal jewels, clear textured glasses

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