As an artist, my goal is to blend art and architecture creating inspiring artwork made of glass and metal. Through understanding the purpose of artwork to apply our technical possibilities and artistic intentions to deliver the finished product of the highest artistic qualities

Those positive emotions that come from the artwork are my creative fuel to continue my work and inspire me to develop more technically advanced glass projects. In my heart, I always consider a client as my creative partner in our work.

I would like to present you a short video to show our recent project installed in Connecticut: stained glass dome New Haven and the owner of the house

Special thanks to all people that helped me to reach this high point in my career
The Client - for unlimited freedom, support, financing and opportunity
Eugene Bakumenko​ - for being the perfect artistic and technical partner
Michael Ivanov​ - my helpful studio assistant
Yurii Serhieiev​ - talented glass beveller
Markian Radomsky​ - for filming the interview with the client and creating this short movie

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New Haven stained glass dome

Victoria Balva, Architectural Glass Artist, Toronto Victoria Balva, Glass Artist, Toronto