Inspiration: spectacular glass ceiling decoration ideas. Hallways

The decorative glass ceilings radically change the feel of the house by providing natural light into space and giving it depth and sculptural quality.

The monochromatic classic interior with stained glass oval skylight looks fresh and luminous.

Architectural design: Gordon + Greineder
Interior Design: Marsh & Clark Design
Construction: Cairn Construction
Photography: Nick Vasilopoulos Photography

Stained glass oval ceiling Pacific Heights image gallery >>

Stained glass skylight with clear textured glasses and hand bevelled glass for a historical renovated house in downtown San Francisco Pacific Heights

The upper hallway features a set of intricate stained and leaded glass skylights. Architect David Small DesignsInterior design: Ambience Design Group. Construction management: Teddington Homes

Stained glass skylights set for a hallway Germana image gallery >>

Stained glass skylights for an upper hallway of a custom built residence in Vaughn with crystal chandeleirs

Image credit: Gennifer Buscemi

stained glass skylights for the hallway of a luxury custom built residence in King City
Upper hallway filled with light from stained and leaded glass skylights

Image credit: Gennifer Buscemi

Large oval stained leaded glass dome skylight for an oval hallway of a custom built house in Toronto. Large oval stained leaded glass dome ceiling masterpiece with bronze textured glass and colored jewels

Custom large stained and leaded glass oval dome for an upper hallway of a custom-built residence in Toronto, Ontario

A monochromatic stained glass skylight for a hallway of a custom-built residence in Connecticut

Stained glass skylight CrossRoads image gallery >>

Contemporary stained leaded glass skylight ceiling for a hallway of a luxury custom built house with clear textured glasses, beveled glass and clear crystal jewels as accents. The contemporary styling of the glass ceiling design brings modern feeling into space with a reference to a classic design. Leaded glass skylight design by leaded glass artist Victoria Balva

Small stained glass skylight with clear bevelled glass and crystal jewels for a hallway of a custom-built residence.



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