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In classic interiors, the atmosphere of luxury and sophistication is enhanced by spectacular dome skylights. Modern homes also take advantage of this type of arches. Smaller or bigger, modern, minimalist or spectacularly decorated, there is no doubt, that stained glass dome skylights will always be one of the most spectacular features in any home.


Despite the fact that the shape of the stained glass dome is traditional, dome skylights can be seen in modern and classic interiors. The ornate design and striking visual effects of custom bevelled glass immediately attract the eyes of the viewers and the decorative appeal of the stained glass dome skylight is enormous. Natural light refracted in crystal jewels and custom bevelled glass creates spectacular light shows during the day and night adding an unforgettable experience for all family members and visitors. 

Architectural design: Richard Bienenfeld. Interior design: Sygrove Associates Design

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Stained leaded glass dome with crystal jewels and custom bevelled glass to cover roof skylight

Imagine light and airy house with a large stained glass domed skylight. The library that doubles as a great room filled with delicate elusive colours of the custom-built stained glass domed ceilings

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Custom designed stained glass domes ceiling great room interior
Custom stained glass domed ceiling for a great room of a custom builr residence in Connecticut

Stained glass dome New Haven for a luxury custom-built residence in Connecticut. Acid-etched glass, hand bevelled coloured glass with delicate elusive colours, crystal diamond jewels, complex frame structure, make this stained glass dome one of the most beautiful domes designed and fabricated by Victoria Balva Glass Studio. Image credit Markian Radomsky

A stained glass dome with custom hand bevelled glass and crystal jewels was designed for a great room with a spiritual purpose in mind: meditation and balance.  The stained glass dome is lit by the roof skylight as large as decorative stained glass dome itself. The sky above the glass dome and sun create amazing light shows during a day and night throwing incredible rainbows and light prisms into the room space. 

Interior design: Redpath Constable Interior Design Construction management: Kyle Hunt and Partners

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Ornamental stained glass dome ceiling for a great room of custom built addition in Wayzta, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Image credit: LandMark Photography

Ornamental stained glass dome detail with custom bevelled glass and crystal jewels

Video of stained and leded glass dome skylight at night time. The light transition between day and night reveals the most beautiful effects in glass. 

Ornate custom designed stained glass dome ceiling for a great room of a private residence in Minneapolis,

Image credit: LandMark Photography


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