Stained and leaded glass dome skylight ceiling intricate design for a custom built residence . Library decorative glass ceiling

New Haven

Stained & leaded glass dome skylight

Connecticut, USA

Large-scale stained and leaded glass dome for a great room of a private residence in Connecticut, USA. Delicate elusive colors of glass selected for the project add mystery and inner glow into glass design. A massive set of thick custom beveled glass and CNC polished crystal jewels put a visual dynamic accent to the leaded glass dome. Custom made beveled glass with a color shift was formed in our large computer controlled kiln, water jet cut and processed by an experienced master beveler. New Haven leaded glass dome is made of more than 7 000 pieces of glass and 20 000 pieces of lead parts. All designed, cut, assembled and soldered into one large glass canvas of a complex ceiling structure.   

Stained and leaded glass dome skylight intricate design in large scale for a custom built residence with glass dome and curved borders
Stained leaded glass domed ceiling with delicate elusive colors of custom beveled glass ornament design
Stained leaded glass dome New Haven for a luxury custom built residence in Connecticut. Acid etched glass, hand beveled colored glass, crystal diamond jewels, complex frame structure, delicate elusive colors make this stained leaded glass dome one of the most impressive projects in North America
Custom designed beveled glass cluster acanthus detail for large stained leaded glass dome lay light ceiling. Clear textured architectural glass, custom stained leaded glass dome design, accent crystal jewels for custom built residential skylight. Glass design by glass artist Victoria Balva
Large custom-made stained leaded glass domed skylight with beveled glass diamonds & crystal colored jewel accents for the interior design of luxury custom built residence in New York. Clear textured glass colored custom made beveled glass, classical ornamental border design. Large residential skylight design by glass artist Victoria Balva

Photo credit Markian Radomsky

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